Our Attorneys' Approach To The Law

Our four dedicated, Iowa City-based lawyers form a collaborative team that puts more than 97 combined years in practice to work for our clients. We target the best possible outcomes by the most practical and affordable paths available. This approach has made our firm a long-standing, trusted resource for people across the spectrum of life in Iowa, from college students and concerned parents to business leaders and individuals preparing for retirement.

Clear, Informed Guidance And Results-Focused Representation

Our attorneys are graduates of Big Ten law schools and other prestigious institutions, supported by a friendly, professional support team. We are vibrant, active participants in our communities.

Above all, we are advocates for the personal and financial well-being of each client we are privileged to serve — in legal practice areas including family law, criminal defense, debt relief through bankruptcy, personal injury claims, business law and estate law.

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Facing legal uncertainty is stressful. Our attorneys work together to provide you answers to your most pressing legal questions.

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For a free initial consultation focused squarely on your specific legal concerns, call or email our offices in Iowa City today. Reach us by phone at 319-359-6492. At your first meeting, we will talk about your specific circumstances, the legal implications of your case and what legal solutions are available to you.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.