After A Car Crash, Are You In Pain?

Any type of car or other vehicle accident disrupts the victims' lives. When a crash is serious enough to cause injuries — or even a tragic fatality — it is essential to consult qualified legal counsel as soon as possible afterward. Your right to compensation for an accident caused by someone else is real, but obtaining the compensation you deserve is far from automatic. The insurance companies involved are in the business of protecting their own interests and profits.

Personal injury representation after accidents is a clear, long-standing strength for the legal team at Johnston, Stannard, Klesner, Burbidge & Fitzgerald, P.L.C. If you need a diligent, trial-proven car accident attorney near Iowa City, our firm will answer the call and prioritize your case, beginning with a free consultation.

Iowans Depend On Our Legal Team For The Best Settlement Possible

Applying many decades of effective work in negotiations, mediation and intense courtroom litigation, we are well-equipped to:

  • Counsel and represent you after any type of injury-causing auto accident, such as a highway crash, collision at an intersection, motorcycle wreck or semi-truck accident
  • Assist your family with compassion, determination and integrity if you are grieving a wrongful death caused by a drunk driver, texting driver or other negligent motorist
  • Assertively and skillfully pursue the maximum compensation available to you for medical expenses, lost wages, vehicle damage and other covered losses
  • Cover and explore every angle on your case, from investigation and reconstruction by qualified experts if needed to all steps in insurance negotiations and the legal process — allowing you to focus on your recovery and overall well-being

Attorneys David Burbidge and Shawn M. Fitzgerald have both earned favorable outcomes in multiple personal injury cases arising from various accidents and forms of negligence. We will put in-depth knowledge of Iowa insurance law and strategies for overcoming claim denials, delays and lowball settlement offers to work for you.

Call For A Free Consultation On Your Auto Accident Claims

If you or a family member has been injured on the road, please do not give statements or discuss a settlement without speaking to a lawyer. We are here to protect your future and make sure you are treated fairly — and there is no risk at all involved in your decision to contact us for help by calling 319-359-6492.