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Facing Foreclosure? Our Attorneys Can Help.

The prospect of losing your home through mortgage foreclosure is overwhelming. Thousands of families across central and eastern Iowa face this problem each year, often due to job loss, health problems or other events entirely beyond their control. Real, workable solutions may be available either to save your house or to move on with the resources to start over.

If you have fallen behind on mortgage payments or know you will soon, the time to get knowledgeable legal counsel is right now. At our firm in Iowa City, foreclosure defense attorney Steven Klesner will help you carefully assess all options and make the best possible decisions for the future. Practicing since 1990, Mr. Klesner focuses exclusively on helping our clients find and execute the ideal debt relief solutions for their unique needs.

Bankruptcy Can Help You To Stay In Your Home

Iowa has relatively favorable, pro-consumer laws that may present options you do not recognize. Negotiating with a bank or other lender on your own may lead nowhere, but with professional legal counsel on your side, effective approaches for you may include:

  • Obtaining a mortgage modification via your lawyer’s research, prior experience and refined negotiating skills
  • Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy to eliminate other debts that are preventing you from making mortgage payments
  • Obtaining debt relief through Chapter 13 bankruptcy — which may get you the time you need to catch up, allow you to eliminate a second mortgage or have other benefits
  • Determining, through analysis of loan documents and other information, that your lender does not have the lawful right to proceed with foreclosure or has violated other laws

Get The Information And Guidance You Need As Soon As Possible

Whether your goal is to save your home or to let it go while emerging in the best financial shape possible, we have the knowledge and resources to assist you. You will be treated with respect and compassion by an Iowa debt relief lawyer who will prioritize your case.

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