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Are You Ready For Divorce Proceedings?

If you are considering divorce, are preparing to file or need to respond because your spouse has filed against you, many important decisions lie ahead. Whether your concerns involve your children, your future financial stability, support obligations or all of these, the family law attorney you hire is critical for protecting your interests and your future.

The Iowa City divorce attorneys at our firm bring together more than 50 years of practice experience. They are versed in all aspects of Iowa family law. You can depend on receiving caring, individualized divorce counsel shaped by your specific situation and goals, beginning with a free 30-minute consultation. We will work to settle your case amicably and keep you out of court, but we also prepare thoroughly for litigation, if that becomes necessary.

Face The Future Prepared

We have handled hundreds of cases ranging from straightforward divorces where parties can agree on all issues to complex, intensely disputed ones requiring mediation or protracted courtroom litigation. Your attorney will guide you through the process, explaining likely outcomes, risks and viable options for:

  • Establishing child custody and visitation/parenting time, with emphasis on protecting children’s futures and maintaining open, productive communication between parents whenever possible
  • Obtaining fair and just orders for child support and alimony (spousal support), if applicable
  • Negotiating or litigating to ensure equitable property division and allocation of debts
  • Addressing any other complex issues unique to your case, such as allegations of domestic violence, other concerns about fitness to parent or the belief that your spouse is concealing assets

Working To Protect Your Future

Our family lawyers understand the emotional stress and financial pressure that men and women endure when facing divorce. We strive to relieve those burdens by answering vital questions upfront and targeting favorable outcomes via the most efficient and affordable means possible.

If aggressive advocacy in court is the only way to achieve your goals, however, we will provide exactly that — and we also have the procedural knowledge and skill to handle family law appeals.

Common Questions On Divorce

Below are some frequently asked questions on divorce that our attorneys commonly hear. For answers that reflect your own unique situation, contact our law firm to schedule a consultation.

What are the grounds for divorce in Iowa?

Like many states, Iowa is a “no-fault” divorce state. This means that no matter why the marriage is ending, the only reason for divorce in Iowa is the breakdown of the marriage. Neither spouse is required to place blame on the other or prove fault for the divorce to proceed.

What if I have a prenup in place?

A prenuptial agreement, in many cases, can simplify the divorce proceedings. If you and your spouse both signed the legal document prior to marriage, this could ease the division of your property and assets. There are some circumstances where the court could deem the premarital agreement unenforceable, such as if one spouse did not voluntarily sign or the agreement was rushed before the marriage. Our attorneys can help you understand how your prenup will affect your divorce.

How are property and assets divided in Iowa?

Iowa follows equitable distribution guidelines. This means that divorcing couples might not have their property and assets split 50/50. Rather, the court will divide property according to what is fair. This will look different for every couple. In cases where there are more complex properties and assets involved, like a family business, multiple real estate properties or significant retirement savings, we can help you understand what a reasonable outcome might look like and how to pursue it.

Will we have to go to court for divorce?

In many cases, no. Divorcing couples who are amicable and agree on issues like child custody, child support and property division are often able to come to an agreement outside of court. This could look like negotiations or even mediation. However, if there is a lot of disagreement or challenging issues to decide on, litigation may be in your best interests. In these cases, we are tough litigators with experience taking on difficult situations. We prioritize your goals and fight for what you deserve.

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