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Child Support Representation That Makes A Difference

Any parent will tell you that children are expensive. Meeting your basic necessities for your child is not always easy, especially when you are on your own. Child support makes this burden easier to bear. Whether you are facing divorce or are an unmarried parent with questions about support, it is essential to get reliable legal guidance. The same is true if you believe a change in circumstances may justify a child support modification.

Our family law attorneys, Constance Peschang Stannard and David Burbidge, are both accomplished, diligent attorneys prepared to counsel mothers and fathers on all aspects of this important financial issue. We have practiced in Iowa City for decades. Our approach is client-centered. At will be at your side during the entire legal process.

Helping You Understand Child Support Issues And Make The Right Decisions

Iowa has a child support laws for just about every situation. They range from very simple to highly complicated. While Iowa child support guidelines make determining what you should pay or receive relatively straightforward in some cases, they have changed multiple times in recent years.

A few basic points of information about Iowa child support include:

  • Whenever one parent has sole physical custody, the other will be ordered to pay child support — and payment in full is a legal obligation enforceable by measures including ordering employers to withhold wages and driver’s license suspension.
  • Payment of child support is also required in many shared custody arrangements, based on a comparison of parents’ net incomes and a range of other factors.
  • Every child support order is enforceable as it stands until formally modified by the appropriate court, making it essential to act promptly if you believe the order should be modified.

You can turn to our firm with confidence that our mission will be to protect your and your children’s interest. Your lawyer will ask the right questions and leverage cutting-edge technology in performing necessary calculations.

As you prepare for the next phase of your life or work to adjust to a major change, our family law attorneys and legal team are here to help. You can count on accurate information based on in-depth knowledge of current Iowa law.

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Johnston, Stannard, Klesner, Burbidge & Fitzgerald, P.L.C., has been a trusted resource for parents in eastern and central Iowa for several decades. To talk through your needs in a free 30-minute consultation, we encourage you to email our firm today or call 319-359-6492.

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