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A Trusted Advocate For Those Charged With Violent Crimes In Iowa City

Among college students and others in our Johnson County area community, accusations of violent crimes often occur among people who have been drinking. Others have alleged domestic violence contexts. Cases may involve altercations that got out of hand or false accusations. No matter what actually happened, once the police and criminal justice system are in the picture, your need for experienced counsel and representation is critical.

Do not despair if you or your young adult child has been accused of a violent crime. The legal team at Johnston, Stannard, Klesner, Burbidge & Fitzgerald, P.L.C., has been a reliable legal resource for people in Iowa since 1968. The sooner we come on board in your defense, the more options you may have for a favorable resolution of your criminal case.

The Types Of Violent Crimes We Handle

Our defense attorneys represent young adults and clients of all ages charged with:

No matter what you’ve been accused of or the penalties you’re facing, we will do everything in our power to protect your freedom and future.

Helping You Fight Assault Charges

Was your assault arrest a result of a bar fight, a fraternity party disagreement that became physical or a family fight? Is your sexual assault case a question of consent? We have years of experience protecting the constitutional rights of our clients, including:

  • College students, staff and faculty
  • White collar and blue collar workers
  • People from all demographics in Johnson County

You will naturally want to avoid penalties and repercussions, including jail time and fines. More importantly, you need to prevent having a criminal record if at all possible. At our firm, we work hard to help our clients find ways forward that give them renewed hope for the future.

Defending Those Facing Murder And Manslaughter Charges In Iowa

Murder and manslaughter are two types of homicide, which is the general term for when one person kills another person. While both these offenses involve taking a human life, there are important differences between them.

Murder is a more severe crime because it is characterized by intentional and, in some cases, premeditated actions. There are two types of murder charges in Iowa: first-degree and second-degree.

First-degree murder is the most severe homicide charge that exists because it is the intentional, premeditated killing of another person. First-degree murder is a class A felony that carries a life sentence. 

Second-degree murder is a step below first-degree murder in severity. It’s nebulous what exact factors can cause a person to be charged with second-degree murder. Second-degree murder is any murder that doesn’t meet the criteria for first-degree murder. However, it’s usually characterized by a lack of premeditation. Second-degree murder is a class B felony, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 50 years.

Voluntary manslaughter is another charge associated with the unplanned killing of another person. This offense is characterized by a sudden, irresistible surge of violence in reaction to serious provocation. Voluntary manslaughter is a class C felony for which the penalties are up to 10 years in prison and fines ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.

Involuntary manslaughter is the unplanned, unintentional killing of another person. It is a class D felony that could garner up to five years in prison and fines ranging from $750 to $7,500.

Act Now – We Offer Free Consultations

Do not put off getting legal advice if you are facing criminal charges for a violent crime. If you have experienced or may experience an arrest on suspicion of assault, homicide or sexual assault, you need guidance without delay.

We hope to hear from you soon so our assault lawyers can explain how we can defend you right away and until the conclusion of your case. Contact us by calling 319-359-6492 or sending an email inquiry to schedule a meeting with one of our defense attorneys.

Notable Cases

Cedar County AGCR024516 — PLEA OFFER ACCEPTED — Attorney Shawn Fitzgerald’s client was accused of the crime of Operating a Motor Vehicle While License is Barred as a Habitual Offender §321.560/ §321.561/ §321.555 /§321.556 (An Aggravated Misdemeanor), as well as Failure to Use Child Restraint Devise §321.446 (A Scheduled Violation). Attorney Shawn Fitzgerald was able to secure a plea offer satisfactory to both client and state.

Notable Cases

Muscatine County AGCR057733 — PLEA ACCEPTED, CHARGE REDUCED — Attorney Shawn Fitzgerald’s client was accused of Domestic Abuse Assault §708.2A(2)(b) (A Serious Misdemeanor). An initial plea offer stated the client would have to plead guilty as charged, attorney Shawn Fitzgerald worked for a better offer for his client. The client was able to plead guilty to an amended lesser charge of Disorderly Conduct §723.4(2) (A Simple Misdemeanor).