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Protecting Minors From Criminal Charges

A criminal conviction at any age can have serious consequences. Even common juvenile crimes, like underage drinking, drug offenses, assault or shoplifting/theft, can have lasting consequences. Instead of hoping for a slap on the wrist for your child, you can let us fight for the outcome they deserve.

At Johnston, Stannard, Klesner, Burbidge & Fitzgerald, P.L.C., you can meet with us, Iowa criminal defense attorneys. We are committed to helping clients throughout Iowa City and Cedar Rapids and have over 50 years of experience defending clients against all types of charges. Our experience can be your family’s advantage in your juvenile crimes case.

What Sets These Cases Apart

It is important to understand what your child is facing in their case. First, a minor facing these kinds of charges is not going to encounter a conviction followed by sentencing. Instead, a judge will determine if the minor violated the law. If a violation took place, a “disposition” hearing will occur, where a court can require probation, placement in foster care, residential treatment or even institutionalization in a state facility.

Our goal in these cases is to pursue the ideal outcome for our clients while also minimizing the time and energy necessary to resolve their cases. We take the time to work closely with our clients, explain what is happening in their cases and how we are helping them, and determine how we expect their cases to resolve. As knowledgeable lawyers, we are here for our clients through every step of their cases and are as committed to their needs as they are. We welcome you to see for yourself how we can help you and your family.

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