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Stop Your Wage Garnishment

Do not let your paycheck and bank account be seized. Act now.

Has your paycheck been garnished (taken)? Has your bank account been frozen? If you are like most people, you cannot afford that. You can STOP the garnishment process in its tracks. In many cases, you can get the money back. But you need to act quickly.

Options For Stopping Garnishment

What are your options? You should talk to an attorney about your own situation, but usually, the options are these:

  1. Object to the garnishment in the state court.
  2. File a bankruptcy case.

We can help you with both options, but the first option may only solve a part of your problem and may only delay the collection process.

Bankruptcy Provides Real Debt Relief

Bankruptcy often is the better solution, since it will deal with many of your other debts, too, and will stop the garnishment permanently. But, you may wonder how can you afford to file bankruptcy when your paycheck is smaller or your bank account has been frozen?

You Must Act Quickly

At Johnston, Stannard, Klesner, Burbidge & Fitzgerald, P.L.C., we recognize this is a problem that prevents people from getting the legal help they need. We also know that you may be able to get back the money that was taken from your paycheck or bank account, BUT ONLY IF YOU ACT QUICKLY. Call us today at 319-359-6492 for Immediate help with your garnishment.

We file bankruptcy cases for people in this situation if they are willing to agree to pay us from the funds that were garnished. This is money that is lost if you don’t act, so why not use it to pay for the legal help you need to stop it from continuing?

We have had many clients come to us, not knowing they could get the money back, and not knowing how they would pay us. They have been very happy with this solution, and we want to offer it to you, too. Do not let the garnishment go on and on. Get the help you need.

Questions About Debt Relief

Q: What if I don’t file a bankruptcy case?

A: Still contact us, and we will see if we can save you some money. There are limits on how much can be garnished from each paycheck (usually about 25% of after-tax earnings) and per year (depending on your income level), but you may be able to get a court order returning some of the funds to you or reducing the amount that can be taken in the future based on your expenses.

Q: How will this affect my credit?

A: It depends on your current credit score. If you have a court judgment against you, your credit score is probably very low, and filing for bankruptcy will probably not hurt it any further — it may actually help it.

Q: What if I am being garnished for child support, by a student loan lender or the government for taxes?

A: Special rules apply in these situations. Talk to us if these situations affect you.

How We Can Help

Call our experienced attorneys at 319-359-6492 or email us here, and we will “fast-track” your filing.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.