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Can I lose my job because of a drug-related charge?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

If you face a conviction because of a drug-related charge, you may worry about the impact this allegation will have on your employment, even if it is for a relatively minor offense, like possessing marijuana. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2018, 4 out of 10 drug arrests in the U.S. were for marijuana possession. 

Your employer may terminate you because of drug-related charges if he or she normally does not hire applicants with drug convictions. Additionally, if your employer has policies in place that mandate regular drug tests, your employment may be at stake. 

Telling your employer

After the arrest, you may have to go to court hearings and trials. To make these court dates, you may have to miss work. Drug charges can also result in license revocation or suspension, which may prevent you from getting to work or doing your normal job duties. 

For these reasons, you should tell your employer as soon as you can about the charges you face. Waiting to notify your employer could result in more consequences in addition to termination. 

Getting a job in the future

Employers maintain varying policies regarding hiring employees who have a drug conviction on their records. Although some will not hire you if you have a record, others will not discriminate during the application process. If a potential employer requests that you agree to a criminal background check, he or she may not be willing to hire you if you have a drug crime on your record.