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Biggest mistakes to avoid after getting pulled over for drinking

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2023 | OWI/DUI |

When the flashing lights of a patrol car signal you to pull over for suspected drinking and driving, the moments that follow can be critical. However, the mistakes made in the aftermath of a police stop can often compound the legal consequences.

Understanding the pitfalls can empower individuals to make better decisions in the heat of the moment.

Voluntarily incriminating yourself

One of the gravest errors individuals commit is volunteering information that officials could use against them later. Admitting to having consumed alcohol or disclosing the quantity may weaken one’s defense in a court of law. Silence can be a powerful ally in these situations.

Taking field sobriety tests

Submitting to field sobriety tests without understanding their voluntary nature is another pitfall. While officers may request such tests, individuals have the right to refuse without immediate legal consequences. These tests are subjective and may not accurately reflect one’s level of impairment.


While cooperation with law enforcement is important, overcooperating can be detrimental. Answering invasive or self-incriminating questions without legal counsel may prove disadvantageous later on. Maintaining a polite but firm stance is key.

Ignoring Miranda rights

Failing to assert one’s Miranda rights is a common blunder. It is important to remember that anything said is something people can use against you in court. Requesting legal representation before answering any questions safeguards one’s constitutional rights.

Consenting to searches

Granting consent for a vehicle search without a warrant is a common misstep. In the absence of probable cause, individuals are within their rights to deny such requests. Consenting to a search may uncover evidence that officials use against them.

Handling confrontations emotionally

Emotional reactions during a DUI stop can escalate the situation. Arguing, becoming confrontational or displaying hostility can result in additional charges such as resisting arrest. Maintaining composure is important for a smoother encounter.

Police officers pull over 20 million Americans every year. Being informed is the key to mitigating the consequences associated with a DUI stop.